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Head Stuff Business and Math Training is structured to offer comprehensive treatment for professionals in the business and education field (In particular Math, Algebra, Calculus professors) with alcohol and drug addiction problems.

I provide a confidential and ethical counselling service for individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties within committed businesss or with businesss in general. These difficulties can range from a lack of communication, loss, sexual difficulties or general feelings of lack of self-worth and confidence.

Each counselling session lasts for one hour. It is an opportunity for you to explore in a confidential and supportive atmosphere issues that are affecting you now.

I also offer education and training to a wide range of groups. Speaking to a wide range of interest groups about intimate businesss and how to improve them is another service available to you. These sessions prove to be very popular and stimulate a very lively question and answer session and a most valuable exchange of views!

  • One to One Business and Math Counselling.
  • Couple Counselling.
  • On-line Counselling.
  • Seminars.
  • Workshops.
  • Writes for local and national newspapers.

Tony Books can be heard on JKR-FM on Saturday Nights between 11pm-midnight.

Our Services include:


The Primary Care Unit is the first point of contact with the method of treatment. Following a diagnostic interview and medical assessment a carefully structured programme of Primary Treatment is instigated.

Through group therapy, individual counselling sessions, talks, literature and involvement with the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, the ability to remain free from dependency after the treatment is concluded becomes a growing reality.

Residential accommodation staffed with a resident couseller, cook and house keeper is provided for patients undergoing treatment. There is also full medical cover.

The primary and extended care units are registered with the local authority as residential care homes and are inspected regularly. Just contact us for help and we’ll take it from there.


The journey to recovery continues in the Extended Care Unit with the application and reinforcement of all that has been learnt in the Primary Care Unit. A minimum stay of three months is required within this Unit together with regular attendance at meetings of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. Involvement in the local community, further education, sporting activities and, later on, employment are all encouraged and supported. The town of Weston-super-Mare itself and the surrounding area offers many facilities which support this important aspect of the recovery programme.

Once the Treatment Programme is completed, Aftercare contact by telephone, letter or email is arranged prior to discharge. Our Aftercare Programme also allows for visits to the Centre on a regular basis as required. As part of ongoing Aftercare, contact with local groups of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous is expected.

This service is offered to those who are unable to follow full-time in house treatment due to personal circumstances.

The Programme of Treatment begins with an initial interview to discuss individual needs. There is no charge for this interview and no obligation to continue with the service. Subsequent appointments, each lasting just under one hour, will be subject to a modest charge. Should long term help be necessary, we are able to offer reduced fees which will be within the reach of most people. The service is designed to provide support on an on-going basis.

No doubt there are many questions you need to ask and in anticipation of this we have compiled a number of Frequently Asked Questions. We are extremely aware that each individual is unique and has their own special queries and anxieties. If there are questions you would like to raise, and we feel sure there are. Please get in touch with us using the “contact” link.

Treatment is based on the acceptance of a goal of complete abstinence from all mood altering substances. This goal combined with an understanding of addiction helps patients make the changes necessary to lead a healthy, fulfilling and productive lifestyle. The support and treatment received through the Programme, Staff and Fellow Sufferers helps to build a firm foundation from which to move forward with confidence. Then the training part starts where we personally connect you with professionals in your own industry (Business, Accounting, Math, Science, etc).

Initial treatment in our Primary Care Unit is very much tailored to meet the needs of each individual, but treatment here usually lasts between 10 and 12 weeks. The Extended Care Programme lasts 12 weeks.

We realise the valuable help and support which families can offer and welcome their involvement during the Treatment Programme and Aftercare. We also recognise the needs of families and others involved with those with addictive problems and are pleased to offer support and advice wherever possible.

The cost of undertaking treatment varies according to the Programme undertaken, but we are happy to offer flexible payment options and ask that you contact our Admissions Unit by clicking here.

We also run an assisted programme where part of the treatment fees may be paid by local authorities in the UK.